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New taskforce to ‘tackle EU red tape’


The Government is to launch a new taskforce in a bid to identify EU rules and regulations that need to be reformed or abolished.


Business leaders will be at the helm of the new work group, with members including the chief executive of Marks and Spencer Mark Bolland, and the head of the Kingfisher group, Ian Cheshire.


The taskforce will work in conjunction with the UK Government to carry out a review of EU regulations, including those relating to health and safety, employment law and company registration.


It is hoped the move will ease the red tape burden which often impedes UK businesses and promote a pro-growth culture throughout Europe.


Announcing the plans, Mr Fallon said: ‘The men and women I've invited to help us to identify and remove barriers to growth represent small and large businesses, established firms and start-ups.


‘They have an unparalleled body of expertise and unquestionable commitment to innovation. We'll listen carefully to their recommendations and demand that the EU takes decisive steps to free up UK firms.’


The decision was applauded by the Institute of Directors (IoD).


Director General of the IoD, Simon Walker, commented, ‘We welcome this industry-led taskforce, and hope it will illuminate the areas of European regulation which need urgent reform.


‘British businesses are buzzing with innovation and ambition, and delivering the best possible climate for them to grow should be at the top of the Government’s agenda’.