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Business leaders pledge to create more jobs


Prime Minister David Cameron and bosses from some of the UK’s major employers have pledged to create thousands of new jobs in a bid to rebalance Britain’s economy.


It follows talks between the Prime Minister and business leaders, including those from the UK’s four biggest supermarkets, as well as other top companies such as Microsoft, McDonalds and John Lewis.


The meeting was aimed at discussing what the Government can do to encourage firms to hire more staff.


‘This year the Government is determined to help deliver many thousands of new jobs and I'm delighted that the companies joining me […as] part of that,’ said Mr Cameron.


‘Across a whole range of areas you're going to see the most pro-business, pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda ever unleashed by a Government. It’s time we looked forward to a positive, strong, confident Britain.


‘By developing the right skills and jobs I am determined that the many, not the few, will share in the country's prosperity.’


It has emerged that the Supermarket chain Morrisons plans to create 6,000 new jobs in 2011, while Tesco has pledged to offer 9,000 positions. Sainsbury's will create 6,500 jobs and Asda has announced that it will offer 15,000 retail apprenticeships.


It is also believed that the Government is considering a review of employment law, including plans to give companies more flexibility to fire under-performing workers.


According to recent reports, a new ‘employers charter’ would give firms the ability to sack workers during the first two years of their employment without the threat of being taken to a tribunal for unfair dismissal.


Under the current legislation, employees can bring a claim for unfair dismissal after a year.