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Anti-fraud group issues computer takeover warning

Criminals have stolen money from businesses and members of the public by impersonating big-name companies and using technology to gain control of their computers, an anti-fraud group has warned.

The financial services body Financial Fraud Action UK reported that thieves have been tricking businesses into permitting funds to be transferred by claiming to help to fix slow internet connections.

Some of the criminals maintain that they are contacting as a consequence of the latest major data breaches.

Once ‘work’ begins on the issue, the criminal informs the victim that they are entitled to receive compensation, requesting them to access their bank account.

Still having access to the computer, the fraudsters then display a fake page, making it appear as though compensation has been distributed to the victim.

However, scammers use this opportunity to subsequently steal money from the victim’s bank account.

Katy Worobec, director of Financial Fraud Action UK, stated: ‘You should never let someone else have access to your computer remotely, especially if they have contacted you via an unsolicited phone call.

‘If you are in doubt, then call the organisation back on a number you trust; if they are legitimate they will understand.’