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23 Nov 2016 2016 Autumn Statement - the political reaction
23 Nov 2016 2016 Autumn Statement - the economic picture
23 Nov 2016 2016 Autumn Statement - the business reaction
23 Nov 2016 Chancellor presents Statement for ‘new chapter in Britain’s history’
16 Nov 2016 Businesses risk losing key staff due to 'high cost of childcare'
16 Nov 2016 1% pension exit fee cap confirmed by FCA
16 Nov 2016 ONS to change preferred measure of inflation to include costs of home ownership
9 Nov 2016 New scheme launched to match small businesses with alternative finance sources
9 Nov 2016 Chancellor outlines new cyber security strategy
9 Nov 2016 FSB calls for introduction of confidence-boosting initiatives in Autumn Statement
1 Nov 2016 CBI outlines Autumn Statement proposals
1 Nov 2016 Treasury urges businesses to prepare for launch of new pound coin
1 Nov 2016 Lowest paid workers see fastest earnings growth in 2016
26 Oct 2016 Millions of married couples ‘failing to claim Transferable Tax Allowance’
26 Oct 2016 Small Business Taskforce created to ‘protect SMEs’ in post-Brexit UK
26 Oct 2016 Treasury abandons plans to allow pensioners to sell annuities
19 Oct 2016 Business group urges Chancellor to ‘boost business investment’
19 Oct 2016 ‘Limited progress’ has been made in reducing cost of regulation, PAC suggests
19 Oct 2016 New tool allows users to check their revised business rates
12 Oct 2016 Services sector continues to recover, according to latest PMI figures
12 Oct 2016 Business groups urge Government to avoid ‘hard' Brexit
12 Oct 2016 Savers ‘having to make difficult decisions’ about retirement plans, TUC warns
5 Oct 2016 Small businesses ‘need help’ with minimum wage increase, FSB claims
5 Oct 2016 Chancellor urged to ‘overhaul tax policy’
5 Oct 2016 Many consumers ‘do not trust companies to use data responsibly’, survey suggests
28 Sep 2016 Workplace pension enrolment at record high, data reveals
28 Sep 2016 Businesses meet with Chancellor to discuss Autumn Statement proposals
28 Sep 2016 Small business confidence ‘falls into negative territory for first time in four years’
21 Sep 2016 Businesses ‘lack clarity’ over Apprenticeship Levy, BCC suggests
21 Sep 2016 HMRC sends text message warnings to taxpayers
21 Sep 2016 New measures to support Prompt Payment Code confirmed
14 Sep 2016 Making Tax Digital ‘delayed until 2019’ for many businesses
14 Sep 2016 Government launches new disclosure facility for offshore tax evasion
14 Sep 2016 Chancellor to deliver Autumn Statement on 23 November
7 Sep 2016 Small businesses’ profits affected by National Living Wage, FSB suggests
7 Sep 2016 MPs call for ‘urgent action’ to prevent maternity discrimination
7 Sep 2016 Government consults on new pensions advice allowance
31 Aug 2016 Significant surge in contactless card usage
31 Aug 2016 Manufacturing boosted by exports, CBI survey finds
31 Aug 2016 Small businesses financially hurt by unfair contract terms, survey suggests
24 Aug 2016 Gender wage gap 'wider for mothers', report suggests
24 Aug 2016 Government unveils proposals for apprenticeship levy and incentives
24 Aug 2016 Rising fuel prices contribute to increase in UK inflation rate
17 Aug 2016 HMRC outlines further Making Tax Digital plans
17 Aug 2016 Minority withdrawing ‘too much’ from pension pots, ABI warns
17 Aug 2016 CMA publishes final recommendations for banking sector reform
10 Aug 2016 306% increase in pension auto-enrolment enforcements
10 Aug 2016 UK interest rates cut to record low
10 Aug 2016 FSB calls on new Small Business minister to tackle late payments
4 Aug 2016 TUC research suggests British workers experienced ‘biggest fall in real wages’
4 Aug 2016 ONS figures show surprise acceleration in UK economic growth
4 Aug 2016 New BBI website launched to help small businesses find best banking service
27 July 2016 UK economy ‘deteriorating’ following Brexit vote, data reveals
27 July 2016 Significant rise in self employment, ONS figures reveal
27 July 2016 ‘Trustworthy’ digital tax system must be created by HMRC, says NAO
20 July 2016 New Chancellor Philip Hammond rules out emergency Budget but hints at policy change
20 July 2016 Business groups react to new PM’s plans for reform
20 July 2016 Consumers could receive low savings rates text alerts under FCA plans
13 July 2016 New CBI report finds that ‘scale-up’ businesses are key to UK productivity
13 July 2016 Interest on savings accounts reaches new lows
13 July 2016 Employment unaffected by National Living Wage, survey reveals
6 July 2016 Business groups join forces to call for ‘clear leadership and action’ after referendum
6 July 2016 Small business confidence 'reaches four-year low'
6 July 2016 Osborne suggests further corporation tax cuts ahead
29 June 2016 No change in tax rules following EU referendum, HMRC states
29 June 2016 Chancellor - no emergency Budget following Brexit vote
29 June 2016 Business groups react to Brexit decision
22 June 2016 Help to Buy ISA holders may be priced out of Government scheme
22 June 2016 Study finds cash in savings accounts has fared better than stock market
22 June 2016 MPs warn of consequences of ‘digital skills crisis’
15 June 2016 Brexit 'will trigger emergency Budget' to tackle £30bn black hole, warns Chancellor
15 June 2016 Pension freedom users being hit by high exit fees, warns Citizens Advice
15 June 2016 RTI penalty concession to continue, HMRC reveals
8 June 2016 Annuities prove popular despite pension freedoms
8 June 2016 Survey finds that middle classes are struggling to save
8 June 2016 Sugar tax may bring ‘arbitrary burden’, says TPA
1 June 2016 Payment by cheque still proving popular, new research indicates
1 June 2016 Number of multi-generational households set to rise as house prices increase
1 June 2016 HMRC’s customer service quality ‘collapsed’, says National Audit Office
25 May 2016 Property sales plummet after stamp duty changes, says HMRC
25 May 2016 Savers to receive additional retirement scheme protection
25 May 2016 Queen’s Speech outlines Government’s legislative plans for the year ahead
18 May 2016 Pay growth to remain slow until end of decade, suggests CIPD
18 May 2016 Women affected by State Pension delays won’t be given concessions, says Minister
18 May 2016 Government must do more to tackle business growth barriers, says FSB
11 May 2016 UK trade deficit widens to highest level since 2008, ONS figures reveal
11 May 2016 Rate of inflation significantly higher for millennials than for pensioners, analysis suggests
11 May 2016 Businesses should do more to prevent online fraud, says consumer group
4 May 2016 Chancellor claims Brexit threat is ‘weighing on the economy’ as UK growth slows
4 May 2016 Over 230,000 savers have taken money from their pension pot, reveals HMRC
4 May 2016 House price growth slowed during April, reports building society
27 Apr 2016 TUC study finds significant wage gap between working fathers and childless men
27 Apr 2016 Significant rise in individuals switching current accounts
27 Apr 2016 Chancellor warns businesses not to cut perks to compensate for National Living Wage
13 Apr 2016 Multinationals to be required to disclose tax affairs
13 Apr 2016 UK economic growth ‘softened’ in first quarter of 2016, suggests BCC
13 Apr 2016 Initial rush to cash in pension pots ‘has ended’, says regulator
6 Apr 2016 New tax measures come into effect
6 Apr 2016 MPs warn ‘too few’ understand new State Pension
6 Apr 2916 Record current account deficit figures described as ‘truly horrible’ for UK economy
30 Mar 2016 Buy-to-let landlords could face tougher borrowing tests
30 Mar 2016 Rate of inflation remains unchanged
30 Mar 2016 MPs call for action to be taken on ‘motherhood penalty’
23 Mar 2016 Interest rates set to remain at 0.5% after OBR downgrades growth forecast
23 Mar 2016 1.7 million self-employed workers to ‘miss out’ on new National Living Wage
23 Mar 2016 Small businesses’ confidence levels ‘at three-year low’, says FSB
17 Mar 2016 Chancellor presents a ‘next-generation Budget’ as the storm clouds gather
17 Mar 2016 The political reaction
17 Mar 2016 The business reaction
17 Mar 2016 2016 Budget - UK growth revised down
15 Mar 1026 Prime Minister announces National Minimum Wage increases
15 Mar 2016 Women should be given ‘early access’ to State Pension, MPs suggest
15 Mar 2016 MPs reject proposed changes to Sunday trading laws
9 Mar 2016 Chancellor drops pension tax relief reform from Budget plans
9 Mar 2016 Taxpayers ‘unaware’ of key tax changes, House of Lords committee reveals
9 Mar 2016 Chancellor urged to cut income tax in 2016 Budget
2 Mar 2016 FSB reveals its 2016 Budget wish list
2 Mar 2016 Women have 'half' the occupational pension savings of men, reports TUC
24 FeB 2016 New rules will require UK businesses to reveal gender pay gap
24 Feb 2016 Open letter from business leaders warns that Brexit would ‘put economy at risk’ – but big names are missing
24 Feb 2016 Bereaved families 'could face fees of up to £20,000' under new probate plans
24 Feb 2016 New report suggests the self-employed require ‘more support’
17 Feb 2016 Chancellor’s policy changes ‘will generate £9 billion burden’ for firms, suggests CBI
17 Feb 2016 New fraud taskforce launched by Home Secretary
17 Feb 2016 UK could face tax rises as a result of Chancellor's 'inflexible' budget target, warns IFS
10 Feb 2016 Help to Buy ISAs taken out 'every 30 seconds' in UK
10 Feb 2016 Sunday trading powers to be granted to local councils
10 Feb 2016 Information regarding women's pension changes was 'clear', minister claims
3 Feb 2016 Personal insolvency figures fall to new low
3 Feb 2016 'Leftovers' from apprenticeship levy to be given to small firms
3 Feb 2016 Figures reveal fall in Government borrowing
27 Jan 2016 'Majority' of businesses want to remain in a reformed EU, claims CBI
27 Jan 2016 Insurance group calls for new flat rate of pension tax relief
27 Jan 2016 Surprise increase in UK inflation
20 Jan 2016 Government set to introduce cap on pension fund exit fees
20 Jan 2016 Pensioners 'to gain' from new state pension but younger people 'worse off'
20 Jan 2016 CBI sets out four-point plan for new apprenticeship levy
13 Jan 2016 Auto-enrolment is putting firms 'under pressure', claims FSB
13 Jan 2016 Levels of interest on savings accounts reach 'new low'
13 Jan 2016 Small firms' petition for Government to scrap PTA plans rebuffed
6 Jan 2016 Airport retailers face crackdown on VAT discounts
6 Jan 2016 Consumer borrowing soared in last months of 2015, Bank of England figures show
6 Jan 2016 Private sector economic growth 'picked up during last months of 2015'
23 Dec 2015 Have you made your financial New Year resolutions
23 Dec 2015 Beware of the self assessment deadline
23 Dec 2015 Safeguarding against adverse winter weather is a priority for businesses
23 Dec 2015 Rising numbers of UK employees work on Christmas Eve
23 Dec 2015 'No festive cheer' for Chancellor as November borrowing figures are published
16 Dec 2015 Advisory body predicts that National Living Wage will cost UK businesses 'more than £1bn'
16 Dec 2015 Finance secretary for Scotland rules out any changes to the Scottish Rate of Income Tax next year
9 Dec 2015 Inflation turns positive but report suggests that wages could take years to rise
9 Dec 2015 Government proposes benefits-in-kind tax relaxation
9 Dec 2015 New online Personal Tax Accounts officially launched by HMRC
25 Nov 2015 Autumn Statement - Business Reaction
25 Nov 2015 Autumn Statement - Political Reaction
25 Nov 2015 Autumn Statement - The economic picture
25 Nov 2015 2015 Autumn Statement - Osborne pledges to 'rebuild Britain'
19 Nov 2015 Workplace pensions 'could be postponed for millions' amid concerns over small business implementation
19 Nov 2015 Young likely to be poorer than parents 'at every stage in life', claims IFS
19 Nov 2015 Boost in UK workers' pay marks most substantial rise since financial crisis
12 Nov 2015 Autumn Statement must not introduce measures that will affect businesses ICAEW warns Chancellor
12 Nov 2015 Possible five-year postponement of state pension age rise for those under 50
12 Nov 2015 Anti-fraud group issues computer takeover warning
5 Nov 2015 Small businesses offered boost as Government introduces research and development plan
5 Nov 2015 Rise in insurance costs to affect millions
5 Nov 2015 Business insolvencies continue to fall
28 Oct 2015 CBI urges Government to 'ratchet up productivity' as UK growth slows
28 Oct 2015 Small firms report reduction in overdrafts
28 Oct 2015 Britain would face 'serious downsides' as a result of leaving EU, CBI warns
21 Oct 2015 MPs call for greater protection for savers following pension reforms
21 Oct 2015 Businesses warned about new email scam
21 Oct 2015 Chancellor George Osborne's fiscal charter approved after intense Commons debate
5 Oct 2015 New Consumer Rights Act comes into force
5 Oct 2015 CBI welcomes changes to business rates
5 Oct 2015 5p plastic bag charge comes into effect in England
30 Sep 2015 ISA interest rates fall to record low
30 Sep 2015 Appeal proposals for business rates are a 'barrier to justice' for UK firms
30 Sep 2015 Research reveals that interest-only mortgage numbers are falling
23 Sep 2015 Balance transfer credit card deals subject to fees, warns consumer group
23 Sep 2015 FSB finds small businesses are split over EU exit
23 Sep 2015 Chancellor's largest benefit cuts 'are for those in employment'
16 Sep 2015 New Living Wage to benefit one-in-three working women
16 Sep 2015 UK inflation rate returns to zero
16 Sep 2015 Autumn Statement to be delivered on 25 November
1 Sep 2015 Limit for contactless card payments rises to
1 Sep 2015 New penalties to be introduced alongside National Living Wage
1 Sep 2015 CBI calls for new tax breaks to encourage investment in mid-sized businesses
25 Aug 2015 Withdrawal of ONS surveys to ‘cut business costs’
25 Aug 2015 New apprenticeships plan is unveiled
25 Aug 2015 Retail sales grow again but at a lower than expected rate
18 Aug 2015 UK inflation hit 0.1% in July, says ONS
18 Aug 2015 UK fares poorly for skilled jobs
18 Aug 2015 Policymaker warns of low interest rates
10 Aug 2015 Airport retailers 'must pass on VAT savings'
10 Aug 2015 Homeowners warned of interest rate changes
10 Aug 2015 Citizens Advice warns of new pension scams
30 Jul 2015 'Two-thirds of business leaders' support regional devolution plans
30 Jul 2015 Pension liberation fraud triples - but new freedoms might not be to blame
30 Jul 2015 Government announces Small Business Commissioner
23 Jul 2015 Car manufacturing shows strong improvement
23 Jul 2015 Record tax take sees borrowing fall but departments
23 Jul 2015 First five sectors targeted in red tape review
16 Jul 2015 Income drawdown policies overtake annuities as pension freedoms prove popular
16 Jul 2015 Unemployment up for first time in two years
16 Jul 2015 Business group warns of skills crisis
9 Jul 2015 Second Budget 2015 - some key measures
9 Jul 2015 The Political Reaction
9 Jul 2015 The Business Reaction
1 Jul 2015 Buy to let threat
1 Jul 2015 Business group makes pre-Second Budget submission
1 Jul 2015 Government urged not to rush through annuity changes
25 Jun 2015 Report finds that businesses are being harmed by fake online reviews
25 Jun 2015 Prime Minister signals cuts to tax credits
25 Jun 2015 Business group says confidence in growth is high
18 Jun 2015 Statistics show employment rise in 2015
18 Jun 2015 UK returns to positive inflation after just one month
18 Jun 2015 OBR casts doubt on Chancellors surplus law
11 Jun 2015 Chancellor to commit future governments to new 'budget surplus' rule
11 Jun 2015 UK trade deficit narrows
11 Jun 1025 Businesses need more support to protect their intellectual property
4 Jun 2015 Plans to extend free childcare are brought forward
4 Jun 2015 Pensions auto-enrolment Regulator warns that even those who only employ one person must comply
4 Jun 2015 HMRC waives fee for late tax returns
28 May 2015 Business reacts to Queen
28 May 2015 Boost for retailers as sales growth exceeds expectations
28 May 2015 Banks paying less corporation tax
21 May 2015 Pensioner bonds become 'biggest-selling financial product' in UK history
21 May 2015 New Enterprise Bill to tackle late payment
21 May 2015 UK economy slips into deflation
5 May 2015 Economy remains resilient
5 May 2015 BoE reports rise in consumer borrowing
5 May 2015 Bank bonuses taken to Supreme Court
30 Apr 2015 Conservatives pledge new law to freeze taxes as General Election approaches
30 Apr 2015 Clegg insists on emergency Budget
30 Apr 2015 Economic growth rate slows to 0.3%
23 Apr 2015 Business leader urges parties to 'rein in' pledges as General Election approaches
23 Apr 2015 Small businesses 'lacking awareness' of VAT rules
23 Apr 2015 Surge in start-ups but growth challenges remain
16 Apr 2015 UK inflation remains at zero
16 Apr 2015 Supermarkets show recovery in sales
16 Apr 2015 Pre-election pledges ‘damaging’ to UK tax system
9 Apr 2015 New shared parental leave rules trigger mixed responses
9 Apr 2015 CBI survey suggests growth accelerating
9 Apr 2015 New pension changes come into effect
2 Apr 2015 British manufacturing continues to grow
2 Apr 2015 Corporation tax change comes into force
2 Apr 2015 Global aspects included in Bank stress test
26 Mar 2015  HMRC accused of failing to monitor tax reliefs
26 Mar 2015 Business groups welcome zero inflation
26 Mar 2015  CBI sets out 100-day action plan for new government
19 Mar 2015 2015 Budget: the political reaction
19 Mar 2015 2015 Budget: measures for savers
19 Mar 2015 2015 Budget: the business reaction
11 Mar 2015 New intellectual property toolkit aims to help secure small business finance
11 Mar 2015 Britons saving more than in past decade
11 Mar 2015 Diverted Profits Tax to target multinationals
4 Mar 2015 Stamp costs to rise this month
4 Mar 2015 HMRC offers small concession for late RTI returns
4 Mar 2015 Mid-sized companies key to job creation, says CBI
26 Feb 2015 Business groups defend zero
26 Feb 2015 CBI figures show surprise fall in sales
26 Feb 2015 First real wage rise predicted since 2007
19 Feb 2015 Employment at highest rate on record
19 Feb 2015 Labour promise crackdown on tax evasion
19 Feb 2015 UK growth prediction upgraded
12 Feb 2015 HMRC plans to scrap £100 late tax return penalty
12 Feb 2015 Business reacts to paternity leave extension plans
12 Feb 2015 Journalists reveal HSBC tax evasion schemes
5 Feb 2015 IFS issues warning over further spending cuts
5 Feb 2015 Small businesses 'face £10bn tax compliance bill'
5 Feb 2015 Younger workers hardest hit by financial crisis
29 Jan 2015 MPs to tackle supply chain bullying
29 Jan 2015 Study suggests cost of business rising ahead of inflation
29 Jan 2015 Tax crackdown sees improved results
22 Jan 2015 Call for single EU threshold for VAT
22 Jan 2015 New stamp duty rates for Scotland
22 Jan 2015  Treasury invites suggestions for 2015 Budget
16 Jan 2015 Government publishes guidance on new Fit for Work service
16 Jan 2015 Inflation reaches fifteen-year low
16 Jan 2015 Small business group warns of 'two-speed' digital economy
8 Jan 2015 Festive self assessment tax returns reach record levels
8 Jan 2015 Petrol prices near £1 a litre following further cuts
8 Jan 2015 Report calls for CPI inflation to be replaced
18 Dec 2014 Carney unveils Bank of England shakeup
18 Dec 2014 Petrol prices 'set to fall further' as inflation reaches 12-year low
18 Dec 2014 TUC warns of two tier workforce
11 Dec 2014 Business group issues warning over early interest rate rise
11 Dec 2014 HMRC nets 'additional £3.9bn in VAT' from small businesses
11 Dec 2014 UK real wages show biggest G20 fall
4 Dec 2014 Government unveils new proposals to tackle late payment
4 Dec 2014 HMRC powers of entry to be replaced
4 Dec 2014 The 2014 Autumn Statement at a glance
4 Dec 2014 The Business Reaction
27 Nov 2014 Chancellor urged to 'boost infrastructure and encourage innovation' in Autumn Statement
27 Nov 2014 'Two thirds of parents' would consider new shared parental leave
27 Nov 2014 UK borrowing down but deficit still stands
20 Nov 2014 Business rates growing faster
20 Nov 2014 Inflation rates show increase in October
20 Nov 2014 MPs criticise speed of tax crackdown
13 Nov 2014 'Extend free childcare and cut NICs' urges CBI
13 Nov 2014 New cap on payday loan rates
13 Nov 2014 Small business group presents Autumn Statement wish list
30 Oct 2014 Gender gap widening in UK business claims WEF
30 Oct 2014 UK banks pass stress test
30 Oct 2014 UK up to eighth best place for Doing Business
23 Oct 2014 Business hit by Bank of England system crash
23 Oct 2014 HMRC launches Credit Card Sales Campaign
23 Oct 2014 Housebuilding highest since 2007
16 Oct 2014 Income tax receipts predicted to fall short
16 Oct 2014 New pension changes to be announced
16 Oct 2014 UK unemployment falls to 6
9 Oct 2014 Fake HMRC scam email warning for taxpayers
9 Oct 2014 Fewer sick days taken in 2014
9 Oct 2014 Liberal Democrats intend to raise taxes
2 Oct 2014 Death tax to be abolished
2 Oct 2014 Large rise in stamp duty collection as house prices rise
2 Oct 2014 Tax reclamation powers increased
25 Sept 2014 HMRC sends VAT MOSS reminder
25 Sept 2014 Labour leader promises NHS with no tax increase
25 Sept 2014 Research shows tax evasion passing £80 billion
18 Sep 2014 Over 100 major companies call for business rates reform
18 Sep 2014 Scotland votes as City predicts
18 Sep 2014 YouGov poll shows voters call for industry
11 Sep 2014 Bank of England Governor supports UK wage growth
11 Sep 2014 Housing market needs reform
11 Sep 2014 Pound falls as Scottish independence support rises
04 Sep 2014 Landlords need tax breaks
04 Sep 2014 Lending to SMEs continues to fall
04 Sep 2014 Manufacturing slows but confidence is up
28 Aug 2014 New ISA introduction leads to rise in savings deposits
28 Aug 2014 Small businesses could be losing out with cash payments
28 Aug 2014 Treasury collects over £1bn in stamp duty
21 Aug 2014 Figures show gender pay gap remains wide
21 Aug 2014 Four million still not auto
21 Aug 2014 R&D tax credit claims reach record levels
14 Aug 2014 Liberal Democrats pledge higher income tax allowance
14 Aug 2014 Number of new mortgages continues to grow
14 Aug 2014 PAYE tax code delays could cause problems
7 Aug 2014 Business group raises concerns on HMRC debt recovery
7 Aug 2014 HSBC calls for reform delay
7 Aug 2014 Prepare for interest rate rise
24 Jul 2014 Rates must rise soon
24 Jul 2014 Tesco chief steps down after profit warning
24 Jul 2014 UK economy growing fastest in G7
17 Jul 2014 Energy price complaints reach all
17 Jul 2014 Fresh warnings of UK housing bubble
17 Jul 2014 Wages fall as earnings peak delayed
10 Jul 2014 Payday lender complaints double
10 Jul 2014 Survey shows employers call for key skills
10 Jul 2014 Think tank says fall in wages could be worse than reported
3 Jul 2014 Bank of England voices concerns over housing market
3 Jul 2014 Banks ready for surge as New ISAs come into effect
3 Jul 2014 Flexible working rights extended to all employees
25 Jun 2014 Corporation tax and CGT should be abolished for SMEs
25 Jun 2014 Inflation rise leads to interest rate speculation
25 Jun 2014 Most UK businesses unconcerned by Scottish independence vote
19 Jun 2014 Businesses raise concerns over new flexible working rules
19 Jun 2014 MPs call for stamp duty and inheritance tax reform
19 Jun 2014 Zero hours contract exclusivity clauses to be banned
12 Jun 2014 Figures show property boom slowing
12 Jun 2014 UK economy exceeds pre-crisis levels, says thinktank
12 Jun 2014 UK ranks highest in foreign investment for 2013
5 Jun 2014 2014 Queen's Speech - coalition heralds 'bold measures'
5 Jun 2014 European Commission tells UK to rein in housing boom
5 Jun 2014 UK losing ground on renewable power investments
28 May 2014 EU to review agenda following landmark voting results
28 May 2014 New act strengthens intellectual property rights
28 May 2014 Tax investigators collect record amount this year
21 May 2014 Bank of England could cap mortgages
21 May 2014 Calls for price cuts as energy firm profits soar
21 May 2014 Firms urged to prepare for pensions auto-enrolment
15 May 2014 Business group predicts interest rate rise
15 May 2014 SMEs 'more likely to hire' than larger businesses
15 May 2014 UK economy to beat recession this year
7 May 2014 Annual house price growth hits double digits
7 May 2014 Higher rate taxpayers contribute two thirds of total uk tax
7 May 2014 Report indicates surge in self employment
29 Apr 2014 CBI Outlook exceptionally strong
29 Apr 2014 Pensioners to be given advice on life expectancy
29 Apr 2014 Revenue targets undeclared second incomes
16 Apr 2014 A good time to sell, say home owners
16 Apr 2014 Economy still reliant on consumer spending
16 Apr 2014 Wages could beat inflation by end of April
9 Apr 2014 House prices accelerate while mortgage numbers drop
9 Apr 2014 New employment laws come into effect
9 Apr 2014 Shop prices show steepest fall in years
2 Apr 2014 Banks still deemed too big to fail
2 Apr 2014 Labour to propose new energy price controls
2 Apr 2014 New payments system launched for banks
26 Mar 2014 Budget measures did not go far enough
26 Mar 2014 Concerns over pension irresponsibility
26 Mar 2014  Treasury plans to sell Lloyds Bank stake for
12 Mar 2014  Cutting tuition fees 'could fill skills vacuum', says CBI
12 Mar 2014 Government announces new start date for flexible working extension
12 Mar 2014  UK economy predicted to exceed expectations
05 Mar 2014 Business group says medium
05 Mar 2014 Final quarter economic growth for 2013
05 Mar 2014 MPs call for 'fundamental reform' of business rates
26 Feb 2014 Business groups react to new unemployment figures
26 Feb 2014 Consumer confidence improves along with business
26 Feb 2014 Record low interest rates to rise in spring 2015
19 Feb 2014 Economists react as inflation beats 2
19 Feb 2014 Government plans to reform business rates system
19 Feb 2014 Insufficient pension concerns as auto-enrolment continues
12 Feb 2014 HMRC issues tax rebate scam warning
12 Feb 2014 Surveys suggest business optimism improving
12 Feb 2014 UK economic growth to reach 2 5% this year
05 Feb 2014 2014 Budget 'will help small businesses', pledges Chancellor
05 Feb 2014 Changes to the TUPE regulations now in effect
05 Feb 2014 Research indicates business confidence improved
29 Jan 2014 Business reacts to 50p tax rate plans
29 Jan 2014 Cap on pension fees delayed
29 Jan 2014 Government announces 'deregulation drive' for small businesses
22 Jan 2014 Employers to face tougher minimum wage fines
22 Jan 2014 Funding for SMEs 'falls by £2.3bn'
22 Jan 2014 New campaign to protect businesses against cyber crime
15 Jan 2014 Interest-free loans offered to businesses affected by UK flooding
15 Jan 2014 National insurance cuts 'will save £200 per employee'
15 Jan 2014 Tax return deadline approaching for child benefit claimants
8 Jan 2014 Businesses 'must support employees' in taking their careers forward
8 Jan 2014 Festive filing reaches new high as self assessment deadline looms
8 Jan 2014 Treasury to lift ban on Child Trust Fund transfers
18 Dec 2013 2014 Budget will be on 19 March, says Osborne
18 Dec 2013 Business group issues warning on 'inadequate pensions'
18 Dec 2013 Green light for new plastic banknotes
11 Dec 2013 Government publishes draft Finance Bill 2014
11 Dec 2013 Government unveils new measures to support small businesses
11 Dec 2013 Smallest businesses gain Real Time PAYE extension
6 Dec 2013 2013 Autumn Statement - Austerity is working 'but the job is not yet done'
6 Dec 2013 2013 Autumn Statement - Business reaction
6 Dec 2013 2013 Autumn Statement - Political reaction
4 Dec 2013 Business rates 'set to be capped' in Chancellor's Autumn Statement
4 Dec 2013 Funding for Lending figures climb to new high
4 Dec 2013 Revenue announces plans for paperless self assessment
27 Nov 2013 Autumn Statement 'must capitalise on growing optimism'
27 Nov 2013 Business group welcomes plans to reduce company reporting requirements
27 Nov 2013 Personal debt 'reaches £1.43 trillion'
20 Nov 2013 Business groups call for rates reform ahead of Autumn Statement
20 Nov 2013 PM urged to consider new income tax cut for workers
20 Nov 2013 UK recovery 'has taken hold'
13 Nov 2013 Cameron postpones Autumn Statement to 5 December
13 Nov 2013 Inflation 'will remain above target' warns business group
13 Nov 2013 The first phase of the Business Bank unveiled
6 Nov 2013 Data reveals businesses to benefit from new Employment Allowance
6 Nov 2013 Labour unveils living wage tax break plan for businesses
6 Nov 2013 New VAT rules 'could treble reporting requirements'
30 Oct 2013 Businesses welcome latest GDP figures but say ‘further action needed'
30 Oct 2013 Pension charges ‘could be capped at 0.75%’
30 Oct 2013 Revenue announces new approach to Business Records Checks
23 Oct 2013 Britain’s ‘outdated pensions system in need of reform’
23 Oct 2013 Call for free parking ahead of first Small Business Saturday
23 Oct 2013 Self assessment tax return deadline approaches
16 Oct 2013 Autumn Statement to be delivered in December
16 Oct 2013 Government to launch late payment consultation
16 Oct 2013 New Employment Allowance ‘to benefit 1.25 million small businesses’
9 Oct 2013 Call for flat-rate tax as ‘child benefit changes bite’
9 Oct 2013 Plans to cut company filing requirements are unveiled
9 Oct 2013 Red tape reforms come into effect
2 Oct 2013 Auto-enrolment opt-out rate ‘lower than expected’
2 Oct 2013 Government confirms new married couples' tax allowance
2 Oct 2013 National minimum wage rise takes effect
25 Sep 2013 Government consults on SME-friendly public procurement
25 Sep 2013 One in five Britons 'will never retire fully'
25 Sep 2013 One in five firms 'risking costly tax errors'
18 Sep 2013 Lawyers say imposing a financial transaction tax 'would be illegal'
18 Sep 2013 New 'seven day bank switching' laws come into effect
18 Sep 2013 UK businesses 'keen to remain in the EU'
11 Sep 2013 House prices reach highest annual rate since 2010
11 Sep 2013 Osborne claims victory for economic 'Plan A'
11 Sep 2013 Revenue to access all credit and debit card payments made to businesses
4 Sep 2013 ‘More SMEs expecting to grow’ despite fall in traditional financing
4 Sep 2013 Businesses show ‘limited interest’ in new ‘rights for shares’ scheme
4 Sep 2013 HMRC seeks feedback on RTI regulations
28 Aug 2013 Employers who flout minimum wage laws to be 'named and shamed'
28 Aug 2013 Millions to be worse off under new state pension rules warns TUC
28 Aug 2013 UK services sector 'on the rise'
21 Aug 2013 CBI raises economic growth forecast for 2013
21 Aug 2013 Revenue urges charities to sign up to new online service
21 Aug 2013 Seven-day bank switching service to launch next month
14 Aug 2013 90% of employees staying in auto-enrolment pension scheme, says DWP
14 Aug 2013 Cable ‘considering fines for late payers'
14 Aug 2013 Higher earners urged to register for self assessment to avoid Child Benefit penalty
7 Aug 2013 Business welcomes latest manufacturing figures
7 Aug 2013 Committee calls for corporation tax review
7 Aug 2013 Second home owners urged to come forward as tax deadline looms
31 Jul 2013 Business welcomes latest economic growth figures
31 Jul 2013 New employment tribunal fees spark mixed response
31 Jul 2013 Proposed cap on card processing fees is unveiled
24 Jul 2013 Banks to publish data on local lending to small businesses
24 Jul 2013 CBI calls for an end to ‘chopping and changing’ of tax rules
24 Jul 2013 Online sales tax ‘would kill entrepreneurial spirit’, retailers warn
17 Jul 2013 Business group calls for rates overhaul
17 Jul 2013 Company directors to 'face tougher regulation'
17 Jul 2013 New RTI rules drive up the cost of compliance
10 Jul 2013 New Bank of England Governor urged to support UK businesses
10 Jul 2013 Revenue offers 'second chance' for outstanding tax returns
10 Jul 2013 Superfast broadband roll-out ‘running late’
3 Jul 2013 £6bn in tax rises needed to fill black hole, warns think-tank
3 Jul 2013 Businesses 'struggling' to pay VAT bills on time
3 Jul 2013 New taskforce to ‘tackle EU red tape’
26 Jun 2013 Business calls for infrastructure boost as Spending Review looms
26 Jun 2013 G8 summit 'reaches agreement' on tax transparency
26 Jun 2013 Tax breaks for married couples will be ‘in force by 2015’
19 Jun 2013 New bill of rights 'will benefit businesses and consumers'
19 Jun 2013 Pensioners’ incomes continue to rise despite the recession, says IFS
19 Jun 2013 Relaxation of Real Time Information rules extended to 2014
12 Jun 2013 Chancellor urged to stimulate business growth ahead of Spending Review
12 Jun 2013 Red tape moratorium to be extended to more businesses
12 Jun 2013 Switching bank accounts 'set to become easier'
5 Jun 2013 Cash use falls as consumers turn to alternative payment methods, says BRC
5 Jun 2013 Funding for Lending figures 'disappointing' for small firms
5 Jun 2013 New campaign to track down 900,000 unclaimed Premium Bond prizes
29 May 2013 EU leaders reach agreement on 'tax transparency'
29 May 2013 New Employment Allowance ‘inspires SMEs to expand’
29 May 2013 New warning over HMRC phishing emails
22 May 2013 Business group predicts ongoing growth for UK economy
22 May 2013 King issues warning over Help to Buy scheme
22 May 2013 Revenue 'will miss tax credit fraud target by £5bn'
15 May 2013 Call for age cap on start-up loans to be removed
15 May 2013 Consumer rights and NIC changes announced in Queens Speech
15 May 2013 Small businesses urged to use the internet to boost sales
8 May 2013 British territories sign landmark tax disclosure deals
8 May 2013 Confidence among UK businesses is continuing to improve
8 May 2013 Government relaxes share buy back rules to boost employee ownership
1 May 2013 Late payment remains 'a significant concern' for SMEs
1 May 2013 'Shares for rights' gains Lords' approval
1 May 2013 Study reveals ‘surge in cyber attacks on small businesses’
24 Apr 2013 Funding for Lending Scheme is extended
24 Apr 2013 Number of SME asset seizures doubles over unpaid VAT
24 Apr 2013 Revenue issues May Day tax alert
17 Apr 2013 National Minimum Wage to rise from October
17 Apr 2013 'Rights for shares' plans are reinstated
17 Apr 2013 Workers 'losing track' of pension funds
10 Apr 2013 70,000 RTI submissions processed as new regime launched
10 Apr 2013 New tax year sees raft of new legislation
10 Apr 2013 UK household wealth surpasses £7 trillion mark
3 Apr 2013 Businesses offered tax relief for managing sickness absence
3 Apr 2013 Commission urged to consider economy before setting minimum wage
3 Apr 2013 Osborne denies claims that Help to Buy scheme will drive up house prices
27 Mar 2013 Government unveils details of new Business Bank
27 Mar 2013 HMRC relaxes RTI reporting arrangements for smaller businesses
27 Mar 2013 New body aims to boost local High Streets
20 Mar 2013 Chancellor set to announce £2.5bn cuts in a Budget 'to tackle the economy'
20 Mar 2013 Single-tier pension and social care cap brought forward by a year
20 Mar 2013 'Stick to Plan A, but deliver on infrastructure', CBI tells Chancellor
13 Mar 2013 BCC cuts growth forecasts but says Britain will avoid ‘triple-dip’ recession
13 Mar 2013 Champagne put on ice in UK 'inflation basket'
13 Mar 2013 High earners reminded of child benefit opt-out deadline
6 Mar 2013 Chancellor urged to improve access to finance for SMEs
6 Mar 2013 Ministers call for business tax cuts in forthcoming Budget
6 Mar 2013 New campaign to recoup undeclared profits on second home sales
27 Feb 2013 Osborne defiant on debt as UK loses AAA credit rating
27 Feb 2013 Revenue issues warning over tax rebate emails
27 Feb 2013 Whistleblowers to receive greater protection
20 Feb 2013 Government could raise income tax allowance
20 Feb 2013 Inheritance tax threshold frozen 'until at least 2019'
20 Feb 2013 Tax body calls for extension to RTI penalty-free period
13 Feb 2013 ‘Worrying number’ of small firms still ‘unaware’ of RTI changes
13 Feb 2013 Downturn sparks surge in self-employment
13 Feb 2103 Government urged to lift NEST restrictions ‘now’
6 Feb 2013 'No tax break for married couples' in forthcoming Budget
6 Feb 2013 Self-employed 'facing growing tax burden'
6 Feb 2013 Switching accounts will be easier following banking reform, says Osborne
30 Jan 2013 Business leaders react to decision on EU referendum
30 Jan 2013 Government consults on Payroll Giving reform
30 Jan 2013 HMRC to ‘scrap costly 0845 phone lines’
23 Jan 2013 Business backs new cap on unfair dismissal
23 Jan 2013 Government to launch new sickness advisory service
23 Jan 2013 New scheme to allow money transfers by text message
16 Jan 2013 Government outlines plans for flat rate state pension
16 Jan 2013 HMRC issues warning over late VAT returns
16 Jan 2013 Inflation 'creates risks for UK economic recovery'
9 Jan 2013 Business responds to Government's mid-term review
9 Jan 2013 Child benefit changes come into effect
9 Jan 2013 Government’s Start-Up Loans scheme is extended
2 Jan 2013 2013 to introduce key employment law changes
2 Jan 2013 Financial resolutions for a prosperous New Year
2 Jan 2013 Taxpayers reminded of self assessment deadline
19 Dec 2012 Government announces changes to redundancy rules
19 Dec 2012 New figures reveal rise in inheritance tax receipts
19 Dec 2012 Revenue issues warning to late self assessment filers
12 Dec 2012 Britain 'not facing triple dip recession'
12 Dec 2012 Modest earners ‘to be hit by pension tax relief cuts’
12 Dec 2012 Small businesses urged to review their contingency plans
6 Dec 2012 2012 Autumn Statement - Austerity drive continues
6 Dec 2012 2012 Autumn Statement - the business reaction
6 Dec 2012 2012 Autumn Statement - the political reaction
5 Dec 2012 Dealing with the deficit 'is taking longer than expected'
5 Dec 2012 Revenue publishes guidance on PAYE Real Time Information penalties
5 Dec 2012 Small businesses ‘drifting away from bank lending’
28 Nov 2012 Chancellor urged to focus on 'a new growth strategy'
28 Nov 2012 Mixed results for Government’s Funding for Lending scheme
28 Nov 2012 Small business group delivers five-point plan for Autumn Statement
21 Nov 2012 Business groups call for action on fuel prices
21 Nov 2012 Government reveals ‘one-in, two-out’ policy to cut red tape
21 Nov 2012 Pension tax relief 'under threat' in forthcoming Autumn Statement
14 Nov 2012 Business reacts to parental leave plans
14 Nov 2012 Government to consult on NEST pension restrictions
14 Nov 2012 Revenue relaunches Business Records Checks
7 Nov 2012 Gender pay gap 'set to increase'
7 Nov 2012 Revaluation of business rates postponed until 2017
7 Nov 2012 Thousands to be pulled into self assessment system under child benefit reforms
31 Oct 2012 Government announces supply chain boost for SMEs
31 Oct 2012 Government lays foundations for employee ownership
31 Oct 2012 Quarter of small firms ‘unaware’ of major changes to PAYE
24 Oct 2012 Latest forecasts suggest UK growth 'signficantly overestimated'
24 Oct 2012 Pension pot transfer plans ‘could wipe 25% off retirement income’
24 Oct 2012 UK tax gap stands at £32 billion
17 Oct 2012 Government unveils latest measures to ‘tackle red tape burden’
17 Oct 2012 One third of top online retailers 'breaking consumer laws'
17 Oct 2012 Small business costs 'continue to rise'
10 Oct 2012 Business welcomes early roll-out of 4G technology
10 Oct 2012 Government rules out 'mansion tax'
10 Oct 2012 New scheme exchanges employment rights for share ownership
3 Oct 2012 Employment law undergoes radical changes
3 Oct 2012 New small claims track for intellectual property disputes
3 Oct 2012 Pension auto-enrolment marks 'step change' for retirement savings
26 Sep 2012 Town centres told to embrace online shopping in order to succeed
26 Sep 2012 New rules to simplify VAT e-invoicing for small businesses
26 Sep 2012 600,000 people to be signed up to new pension scheme by the end of 2012
12 Sep 2012 Businesses and homeowners to ‘benefit from shake-up of planning laws’
12 Sep 2012 Chancellor sets date for 2012 Autumn Statement
12 Sep 2012 'Thousands of businesses' to benefit from health and safety overhaul 
5 Sep 2012 Business groups welcome plans for state-backed small business bank
5 Sep 2012 Holt Review calls for overhaul of apprenticeships system for SMEs
5 Sep 2012 Taxpayers urged to submit historic tax returns under new HMRC campaign
29 Aug 2012 Call for new ‘protocol’ on pension charges
29 Aug 2012 Deputy PM calls for ‘emergency tax’ on UK’s wealthiest
29 Aug 2012 'More than half' of SMEs rely on a spouse to help run the business
22 Aug 2012 Government announces new measures to 'transform consumer rights'
22 Aug 2012 Scrapping Sunday trading laws 'is no magic answer'
22 Aug 2012 Unexpected increase in borrowing triggers calls for policy changes
15 Aug 2012 Government to work with business to 'capitalise on Olympic success'
15 Aug 2012 'Make or break' year for UK employers
15 Aug 2012 Surprise increase in inflation triggers train fare hike
8 Aug 2012 £80 billion bank lending scheme is launched
8 Aug 2012 Government joins small business groups to tackle late payment
8 Aug 2012 SMEs 'face deteriorating business conditions'
1 Aug 2012 Disposable income falls to lowest level in almost a decade
1 Aug 2012 Olympics will showcase 'the best of Britain'
1 Aug 2012 Pension auto-enrolment 'will stop the savings slump'
25 July 2012 Businesses enjoy extended Sunday trading hours
25 July 2012 Government plans to cut red tape to revive UK High Streets
25 July 2012 UK unemployment falls to 2.58 million
18 July 2012 Mixed response to new employment tribunal fees
18 July 2012 Scrap plans to charge small firms for health and safety inspections, urges FPB
18 July 2012 Thousands more employers to join Real Time Information pilot
11 July 2012 Pension auto-enrolment regulations ‘could lead to pay freezes’
11 July 2012 Small businesses ‘worried about dealing with tax authority’
11 July 2012 SMEs 'benefit from recession-busting measures'
4 July 2012 New Revenue initiative targets self assessment defaulters
4 July 2012 Pensions regulator to issue fines for auto-enrolment non-compliance
4 July 2012 SMEs 'benefit from recession-busting measures'
27 June 2012 Chancellor postpones 3p fuel duty rise
27 June 2012 Employees who fall ill on holiday entitled to extra time off, says EU court
27 June 2012 New IT security guide for small businesses is launched
20 June 2012 Government announces 'world class' tax breaks for UK creative industries
20 June 2012 Online retail set to exceed £77 billion this year
20 June 2012 Osborne unveils new stimulus packages to boost ailing economy
13 June 2012 Business groups welcome ‘settlement agreements’ for dismissals
13 June 2012 Gap between women’s and men’s pensions is ‘narrowing’
13 June 2012 Scotland planning its own tax agency
6 June 2012 Employers urged to avoid higher penalties for late filing
6 June 2012 Government performs U-turn on charitable giving cap
6 June 2012 Seed investment scheme ‘losing its appeal’, say experts
30 May 2012 Business group calls for superfast broadband to 'revitalise rural firms'
30 May 2012 Government announces 'pasty tax' U-turn
30 May 2012 Government launches start-up loan scheme
23 May 2012 Employers 'more confident about hiring' despite economic gloom
23 may 2012 More than one in five 'has no retirement savings'
23 May 2012 Single 30% income tax rate ‘needed to boost economic growth’
16 May 2012 Business groups voice concerns over Queen’s Speech
16 May 2012 Experts highlight 'serious flaws' in child benefit changes
16 May 2012 Revenue unveils new tests to determine employment status
9 May 2012 Business group calls on banks to 'help drive SME exports'
9 May 2012 Cash machines set to encourage charitable giving
9 May 2012 Small employers 'could face problems' implementing Real Time Information
2 May 2012 'Four million taxpayers' set to pay top rates
2 May 2012 Landmark court ruling 'supports forced retirement'
2 May 2012 Revenue sends 12,000 penalty notices in error
18 Apr 2012 Employers begin testing new Real Time Information system
18 Apr 2012 Employers reminded of annual return deadline
18 Apr 2012 Full consultation for controversial charity tax relief changes
11 Apr 2012 Big Society investment fund launched
11 Apr 2012 Charities criticise plans to cap tax relief on charitable donations
11 Apr 2012 Government seeking replacement for final-salary pensions
4 Apr 2012 Airlines call for review as Air Passenger Duty rises by 8%
4 Apr 2012 Stamp prices set to rise
4 Apr 2012 Tougher standards introduced for apprenticeships
28 Mar 2012 Businesses reminded of new VAT filing regime
28 Mar 2012 Extra 1.3m people to pay higher rate tax by 2014, says IFS
28 Mar 2012 Pension auto-enrolment thresholds confirmed
21 Mar 2012 HMRC launches latest campaign to flush out unpaid tax
21 Mar 2012 Taxpayers to receive breakdown of spending
21 Mar 2012 What will the 2012 Budget hold
14 Mar 2012 Business group urges Chancellor to scrap business rates rise
14 Mar 2012 Business groups express mixed views on tribunal reforms
14 Mar 2012 Chancellor to launch Budget consultation on 100-year 'super bonds'
7 Mar 2012 Business must announce 'a radical shift in policy'
7 Mar 2012 Pensions tax relief climbs to £33bn
7 Mar 2012 Tax system for pensioners 'should be simplified'
29 Feb 2012 Employee ‘smartphone tax' is axed
29 Feb 2012 Government 'must booth growth' in forthcoming Budget
29 Feb 2012 Red tape burden 'to be cut by £4 million'
22 Feb 2012 Businesses offered free training to get mentoring
22 Feb 2012 Further calls for Budget tax cuts 'to boost business confidence'
22 Feb 2012 Number of late tax return penalties falls by 40%
15 Feb 2012 Coalition to consider cuts to higher-rate pensions tax relief
15 Feb 2012 Revenue launches campaign against inaccurate employer returns
15 Feb 2012 Tradespeople to be the focus of new tax campaign
8 Feb 2012 HMRC announces 'fresh approach' to Business Records Checks
8 Feb 2012 New employment mediation pilot scheme for SMEs
8 Feb 2012 Revenue receives record number of tax returns
1 Feb 2012 Pension auto-enrolment delayed for small firms 
1 Feb 2012 Think tank wants further corporation tax cuts in upcoming Budget
1 Feb 2012 Web economy 'will double by 2016'
25 Jan 2012 ‘There’s a business in everyone’, says Cameron
25 Jan 2012 Government launches multi million pound retirement campaign
25 Jan 2012 Government 'must do more' to boost small business job creation
18 Jan 2012 Clegg launches employee ownership plan
18 Jan 2012 Retirement income expected to fall in 2012
18 Jan 2012 Revenue issues crackdown on post cessation trade relief
11 Jan 2012 Government pledges crackdown on 'health and safety culture'
11 Jan 2012 Speculation mounts over future of 50p tax rate
11 Jan 2012 Taxpayers warned over fake rebate emails as deadline looms
5 Jan 2012 Business groups issue New Year message
5 Jan 2012 Business records check programme ‘under review’
5 Jan 2012 Government urged to act on employment law burden
23 Dec 2011 Planning for a prosperous 2012
23 Dec 2011 High Street set for welcome Christmas bonus
23 Dec 2011 Deadline looming for Self Assessment Tax Return
21 Dec 2011 Employment tribunal fees 'will boost business'
21 Dec 2011 MPs criticise HMRC’s ‘cosy relationships’ with big business
21 Dec 2011 New taskforce seeks to ‘diversify business finance’
14 Dec 2011 Revenue confirms all businesses must file VAT online
14 Dec 2011 Small business group calls for adequate broadband access for all
14 Dec 2011 Tutors and coaches urged to disclose unpaid tax
7 Dec 2011 Business closures hit record levels
7 Dec 2011 Business given one month to comply with VAT rules
7 Dec 2011 New rules to help ISA investors hit by collapse of financial firm
30 Nov 2011 2011 Autumn Statement - the political reaction
30 Nov 2011 Business reacts to Autumn Statement announcements
30 Nov 2011 Chancellor vows to 'protect against the debt storm'
30 Nov 2011 The Autumn Statement - welfare benefits
23 Nov 2011 Business groups react to 'radical employment law reform'
23 Nov 2011 Cameron outlines strategy for growth but warns of ‘tough times ahead’
23 Nov 2011 New 'small claims' service for intellectual property cases
16 Nov 2011 Government unveils plans for simpler personal taxes
16 Nov 2011 Online shoppers warned of unexpected tax bill
16 Nov 2011 Small business group welcomes new Finance Fitness scheme
9 Nov 2011 Calls for extension to national insurance holiday scheme
9 Nov 2011 Further changes to VAT relief ‘in the pipeline’
9 Nov 2011 Small businesses hit by 'record levels of late payment'
2 Nov 2011 Give firms a tax break for hiring jobless young, urges CBI
2 Nov 2011 New Junior ISA is launched
2 Nov 2011 Small business group calls for energy price regulation
25 Oct 2011 Call to boost support for ‘forgotten army’ of medium-sized firms
25 Oct 2011 Leaked report calls for unfair dismissal rules to be scrapped
25 Oct 2011 Paper Tax Return deadline looming
19 Oct 2011 Business calls for manufacturing boost ahead of Autumn Statement
19 Oct 2011 'Millions of taxpayers' set for tax rebate
19 Oct 2011 Second rise in state pension age delayed by six months
12 Oct 2011 Business calls for tax incentives to boost private lending
12 Oct 2011 Government launches new online patent service
12 Oct 2011 Record number of fines issued to late filers
5 Oct 2011 Agency workers gain greater rights
5 Oct 2011 New credit easing scheme to ‘help struggling businesses’
5 Oct 2011 New employment regulations come into force
28 Sep 2011 HMRC closes the tax gap 
28 Sep 2001 'Urgent action' needed to boost creative industries skills gap
28 Sep 2011 Warning of soar in fake HMRC emails
21 Sep 2011 HMRC issues reminder on new Self Assessment penalties
21 Sep 2011 IFS calls for radical overhaul of the UK tax system
21 Sep 2011 New guidance on minimum wage for work experience staff
14 Sep 2011 50p tax rate may not raise any revenue claims
14 Sep 2011 Recession fuels decline in pension contributions
14 Sep 2011 Report calls for major reform of banking structure
7 Sep 2011 50p tax rate doing 'lasting damage', say economists
7 Sep 2011 Auto-enrolment plans 'will lead to fall in pension contributions'
7 Sep 2011 HMRC to check mortgage applications
31 Aug 2011 Gender pay gap 'could take 98 years to close'
31 Aug 2011 More shops left empty as consumer numbers fall
31 Aug 2011 Small firms could benefit from simpler reporting requirements
24 Aug 2011 Cameron pledges to support business as latest enterprise zones revealed
24 Aug 2011 Cheque payments need to be improved, say MPs
24 Aug 2011 Household finances 'worse than in the recession'
10 Aug 2011 Flexible working plans 'could undermine deregulatory drive'
10 Aug 2011 Intellectual property laws to be overhauled
10 Aug 2011 No rate rise until 2012, predict economists
3 Aug 2011 Capital allowances 'too complicated' for small businesses
3 Aug 2011 HMRC apologises for 'poor performance'
3 Aug 2011 Pensions system in urgent need of reform
28 Jul 2011 Cost of red tape compliance on the rise
28 Jul 2011 Delay in tax statements as HMRC fails to order enough paper
28 Jul 2011 Low interest rates 'deter young savers', study suggests
21 Jul 2011 Business voices concerns over pace of economic growth
21 Jul 2011 Call for fast-track planning applications for small firms
21 Jul 2011 Government reaffirms intention to reform business rates system
14 Jul 2011 Inflation shows surprise dip in June
14 Jul 2011 Rise in SME loan approvals but 'small firms still struggling'
14 Jul 2011 VAT rule-breakers given final chance to come forward
7 Jul 2011 New business mentoring scheme unveiled
7 Jul 2011 Pay gap between private and public sector widens
7 Jul 2011 UK employment laws 'deter sole traders from hiring'
29 Jun 2011 FSB hails rise in apprenticeships
29 Jun 2011 HMRC admits millions have not paid correct amount of tax
29 Jun 2011 Online shoppers to gain greater protection under EU law
22 Jun 2011 Government to proceed with pension age reform
22 Jun 2011 HMRC warns of tax credit email scams
22 Jun 2011 Limitless domain suffixes to be available
15 Jun 2011 Banks and businesses 'must unite to stimulate economic growth'
15 Jun 2011 HMRC to target e-traders in new tax campaign
15 Jun 2011 New website to protect online shoppers from rogue retailers
8 Jun 2011 Cutting NICs 'would boost small business employment'
8 Jun 2011 Money laundering changes 'to reduce burden on business'
8 Jun 2011 New advisory fuel rates are issued
1 Jun 2011 Lending under finance guarantee scheme plummets
1 Jun 2011 UK ostrich generation failing to plan for retirement
1 Jun 2011 Warning over red tape challenge response
24 May 2011 Banks miss targets for business loans
24 May 2011 Business Growth Fund 'unlikely to help small firms'
24 May 2011 Review to examine small business tax administration
18 May 2011 Consumers welcome the return of inflation-linked bonds
18 May 2011 Government consults on 'radical reform' of workplace entitlements
18 May 2011 Government launches review into future of British High Street
11 May 2011 Charities issue warning over cheque abolition
11 May 2011 Employers reminded of annual return deadline
11 May 2011 Figures reveal strongest ISA season in nine years
5 May 2011 Business reacts to UK economic growth figures
5 May 2011 Smaller manufacturers see fastest rate of growth in 16 years
5 May 2011 SMEs urged to prepare for pension changes
1 May 2011 HMRC targets tradespeople in new tax amnesty
1 May 2011 ISAs 'failing to encourage savers', says think-tank
1 May 2011 Treasury rules out early access to pensions
20 Apr 2011 Employment tribunal system 'requires major overhaul'
20 Apr 2011 Government urged to remove 'stumbling blocks' to investment
20 Apr 2011 HMRC begins first phase of Business Records Checks
13 Apr 2011 Cameron launches assault on red tape
13 Apr 2011 Late tax return fines to rise sharply
13 Apr 2011  National minimum wage to rise to £6.08 from October
6 Apr 2011 New financial year sees raft of tax and benefit changes
6 Apr 2011 New paternity leave rules come into effect
6 Apr 2011 Plans for single flat-rate state pension are published
31 Mar 2011 Cameron launches StartUp Britain scheme for entrepreneurs
31 Mar 2011 HMRC issues final reminder for offshore tax evaders
31 Mar 2011 Pensioners warned over HMRC error
24 Mar 2011 2011 Budget - the business reaction
24 Mar 2011 2011 Budget - the political reaction
24 Mar 2011 Budget 2011 - Corporation tax to be cut by 2% from April
24 Mar 2011 Chancellor presents 'a Budget for growth'
16 Mar 2011 Government 'considering maternity leave exemptions for small firms'
16 Mar 2011 Small business taxation needs 'major structural change'
16 Mar 2011 Treasury 'missing out on £16bn in unpaid tax'
9 Mar 2011 Cameron pledges to fight 'enemies of enterprise'
9 Mar 2011 Companies reminded of corporation tax changes
9 Mar 2011 New 'enterprise zones' to 'boost UK economy'
9 Mar 2011 OTS publishes final recommendations on UK tax reliefs
2 Mar 2011 Business voices concerns over proposed HMRC spot checks
2 Mar 2011 Disappointing GDP figures highlight 'need for growth Budget'
2 Mar 2011 New fuel rates published as petrol prices climb to new high
23 Feb 2011 Call to extend NICs holiday to existing businesses
23 Feb 2011 HMRC announces new plan to target tax evaders
23 Feb 2011 Time to train regulations delayed for SMEs
16 Feb 2011 Small firms to gain improved access to Government contracts
16 Feb 2011 Warning over cost of employment law changes
16 Feb 2011 New measures to boost small business exports
9 Feb 2011 Call to delay compulsory use of new accounts software
9 Feb 2011 Government urged to take action on apprenticeships
9 Feb 2011 New online Budget portal is launched
2 Feb 2011 Extra 750,000 people to pay 40% tax from April
2 Feb 2011 Government unveils employment tribunal reforms
2 Feb 2011 New penalties for offshore tax evasion
26 Jan 2011 Employers to be 'named and shamed' for NMW breaches
26 Jan 2011 Shrinking economy prompts fresh warnings over 'double dip threat'
26 Jan 2011 Warning over empty property rate charges
19 Jan 2011 Firms willing to pay more for simpler tax system, says FPB
19 Jan 2011 Government confirms withdrawal of Default Retirement Age 
19 Jan 2011 Government unveils shared maternity leave plan
12 Jan 2011 Business leaders pledge to create more jobs
12 Jan 2011 Call to introduce wage for internships
12 Jan 2011 Treasury considering 'fuel stabiliser' as business concerns grow
12 Jan 2011 Warning over retail sales as VAT rises to 20%
23 Dec 2010 Businesses urged to prepare for VAT rise
23 Dec 2010 Call for more business support in the New Year
23 Dec 2010 Firms advised to tighten security ahead of Christmas holidays
23 Dec 2010 Tax return deadline looming
22 Dec 2010 New measures to 'ensure EU legislation will not harm UK firms'
22 Dec 2010 Rising inflation will lead to higher interest rates, warns CBI
22 Dec 2010 VAT rise is 'not temporary', says Osborne
15 Dec 2010 OTS publishes recommendations for reforming UK tax reliefs
15 Dec 2010 Raising VAT threshold would 'create up to 35,000 extra jobs'
15 Dec 2010 Call to postpone withdrawal of default retirement age
9 Dec 2010 Business criticises tax avoidance changes
9 Dec 2010 Cold snap could 'cost UK economy £1.2bn' a day
9 Dec 2010  New paper-based payment system being considered
2 Dec 2010 New advisory fuel rates published
2 Dec 2010 FSB welcomes changes to small business rates
2 Dec 2010 Osborne insists Britain 'on the path to economic recovery'
24 Nov 2010 Government borrows record 10.3bn in October
24 Nov 2010 HMRC issues profit reminder for the self-employed
24 Nov 2010 Shoppers reminded of consumer rights over festive period
17 Nov 2010 Government in talks to impose tax on new offshore accounts
17 Nov 2010 Call for freeze on new employment law as publicity budget cut
17 Nov 2010 Warning over cost of pension changes
10 Nov 2010 Review identifies over 1,000 tax reliefs
10 Nov 2010 HMRC scales back helpline service
10 Nov 2010 Changes to the state pension age are confirmed
10 Nov 2010 2011 Budget date announced
3 Nov 2010 Small business support package published
3 Nov 2010 Government unveils new plans to boost local economic growth
3 Nov 2010 Business criticises plans to include micro firms in pension reforms
27 Oct 2010 State pension age to rise to 66 by 2020
27 Oct 2010 Government unveils 'Junior ISA' plan
27 Oct 2010 CBI claims private sector can replace lost public sector jobs
20 Oct 2010 Osborne confirms date for autumn statement
20 Oct 2010 ISA investment limit 'to increase by £470
20 Oct 2010 Cap on pensions tax relief to be reduced
13 Oct 2010 Support firms through national mentoring scheme, says FSB
13 Oct 2010 Health and safety review 'should focus on tackling red tape'
13 Oct 2010 Consumer champion 'could be scrapped'
6 Oct 2010 New employment legislation comes into force
6 Oct 2010 Government unveils plans to extend flexible working
6 Oct 2010 Business calls for tax reform ahead of spending review
29 Sep 2010 Stocks and shares 'outperforming cash ISAs'
29 Sep 2010 Small firms urged to claim backdated rate relief
29 Sep 2010 Savers' compensation limit set to rise
22 Sep 2010 HMRC reveals 'tax gap has widened to £42bn'
22 Sep 2010 EU maternity proposals 'could cost business £2.5bn'
22 Sep 2010 Business groups call for 'time to train' regulations to be scrapped
15 Sep 2010 Workplace pension reforms 'need to be simplified', warns CBI
15 Sep 2010 Longer turnaround times for paper tax returns
15 Sep 2010 HMRC writes off tax repayments under £300
8 Sep 2010 NIC holiday scheme comes into effect
8 Sep 2010 Millions of people due for tax rebate
8 Sep 2010 Businesses urged to review pay system
1 Sep 2010 Workplace parking scheme comes under fire
1 Sep 2010 Employers voice support for pension auto-enrolment
1 Sep 2010 Details of national insurance 'holiday' unveiled
25 Aug 2010 Small business confidence 'on the turn'
25 Aug 2010 Pensioners and families 'hit hardest by Budget measures'
25 Aug 2010 Britons withdraw '£60bn from savings pot'
18 Aug 2010 Inflation slows but still remains above target rate
18 Aug 2010 Minimum wage changes to 'cost employers £50m'18 Aug 2010
18 Aug 2010 Firms urged to register for energy scheme as deadline approaches